Fortuna Unit Type

2 Bedroom


Two bedroom Tamansari Prospero provides a separate living room and bedroom for an optimal home environment. Various fully furnished with a total area of ​​43.82 m² semigross. A great choice for family shelter in the future.

Two bedroom 01
One Bedroom b  05
One Bedroom a 03
One Bedroom a 01
One Bedroom a 02

One Bedroom A

One Bedroom - Denah

One Bedroom A type have a decent simple occupied for professional workers from inside and outside the country. Various fully furnished with a total area of ​​32.04 m² semigross is equipped with separate living room with a bedroom and a kitchen minimalist. A great choice for occupancy in the future with a young spirit.

One Bedroom B

One Bedroom - Denah

Different from type A, One Bedroom B type has a little artistic touch with the addition of installation space. Located between the living room and dining room will add to the minimalist wonderful impression on the area which has an area of ​​33.82 m² semigross. As needed, One Bedroom B type could be an alternative investment for future occupancy.

One Bedroom b  04
One Bedroom b  03
One Bedroom b 02
One Bedroom b 01



Occupancy with exclusive concept suitable for young executives. Tamansari Prospero Studio type integrated with other facilities. It has spacious 21.62 m². Separated from the living room and a full bath with a fully furnished to support the needs.