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Residential Area

Tamansari Prospero Apartment is designed with emphasis on comfort and accessibility to residential dwelling. The apartments are located on an area of 12000 square meters is located right at the Sidoarjo highway access and is surrounded by residential areas Kahuripan Nirwana.

Kahuripan Nirwana - Tamansari Prospero

Public Facilities

The complete public facilities, ranging from health, education, transport, commercial and industrial to the government, making Prospero Castle can compete not only with the apartment complex in Surabaya as the nearest town, but also with other apartment located in major cities in Indonesia.


Commersial & Industrial

Sidoarjo, a city with a relatively high growth rate, mainly due to the progress of industry and commerce. Having a variety of manufacturing industries, services, agro and creative, supportive become a modern and dynamic city. Tamansari Prospero Apartment become one of the important parts of Sidoarjo


High Value Property Investment

  • The First in Sidoarjo
  • Modern & Stylish
  • Investment Value
  • The Best Financing

The first apartment in Sidoarjo that was built specifically to meet the needs of residential to support the professional workers from inside and outside the country. The strategic location , allows residents to reach any location with easy access. The latest breakthrough, luxurious, and economical than other competitor’s property. Tamansari Prospero Apartment masterpiece to answer the industry’s future Sidoarjo.

Stylish and modern apartment is equipped with quality fittings and beautiful accessories. Ideal for the short term but also comfortable for long-term suitable functional. Equipped with all the necessary equipment and last generation. Tamansari Prospero is a modern apartment prospective promising, as the essence of a meaningful prospective promising place.

Popular property investment falls in the form of a modern residential apartment located in a premium area, a strategic location with a futuristic facility. Promising business while providing peace of mind to the business owners and facility managers to manage its business. This is the new way to reach a brighter future together luxury residences for regeneration at the age of gold. Search your needs through careful planning by contacting us to the right choice.

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